• Image of The Manhattan Project "The Sounds Of Vindication" CD (FSR05)

Formed in the summer of 2000, THE MANHATTAN PROJECT, have been terrorizing the North Carolina hardcore & metal scene with a raging live set that is as intense, as it is loud. With the combination of crushingly heavy guitar riffs, blistering drums, captivating melodies and gutteral screams, only push THE MANHATTAN PROJECT to the very forefront of today's metal and hardcore scene. Recorded by Thomas Johnson(Rancid, Pornos For Pyros), the ten tracks on The Sounds Of Vindication come together to create a uniquely punishing and sonically devastating listening experience. Each song delivers a sound that is quite unlike anything going on in the North Carolina scene and surrounding areas. THE MANHATTAN PROJECT have their minds set on world domination.

Members went on to form the band TO SPEAK OF WOLVES (Solid State)

Track listing includes:

1. Surely She's A Pyro
2. Liason
3. Bones Of The Broken
4. Tomorrow Smells Like Novocaine
5. Bleach My Eyes Blue
6. The Devil Can't Two Step Like I Can
7. Meaningless
8. 72 Inches
9. 20901
10. Staring At The Sun

Recorded by Thomas Johnson (Pornos For Pyros
Released August 12, 2003
Mixer / Editor: Jamie King @ The Basement Studios
Recorded at An Unknown Location Studio, Thomasville, North Carolina.
Recording information: An Unknown Location, Thomasville, NC via Thomas Johnson

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