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Escalating to the top of the Greensboro, NC indie rock scene, THE NECESSARY is one of the most engaging and forceful bands to hit the ears of show-goers, young and old alike. With their debut release, "This Is Us," there is no doubt that their soulful energy, gripping emotion, and strong songwriting skills will spark an interest with melodic-rock lovers everywhere. Front man, Josh King, exhibits his compelling vocal skills along side guitarist and second vocalist, David McLaughlin. Not only do they contribute to THE NECESSARY's wonderment as a whole, but with Joel Kiser on guitar, Jeff Linn on bass, and Todd Turner on drums, this 5-piece is sure to give you a run for your money. Musically, "This Is Us" will carry you from start to finish. With production by Joel Collins and recording and engineering by Jamie King at The Basement Studios, the essence of this album is beautifully crafted within its elements, yet humanly raw in its sound. The opening track, "Captivated", doesn't even begin to describe the feelings you'll be left with by the end of album's closing track, "Free Hands". THE NECESSARY will undoubtedly raise the bar for the local rock genre with this heart-stirring album, and will earn the respect of anyone who loves music. For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Coheed And Cambria, Sunny Day Real Estate, Julianna Theory, Copeland, and Mae.

For fans of:
Coheed And Cambria
Jimmy Eat World
Juliana Theory
Sunny Day Real Estate

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